The Tutorinet is a platform to share best learning techniques and knowledge in your subject of interest. Simple process to approach best academic people and get starts Learning with great results.


Founder: Salman Raza

Salman Raza is a Supply Chain Professional with Masters degree in Operations Management from the University of Nottingham. Salman lives in the West Midlands. Since the completion of Master’s degree, he has been working in supply chain management roles. He has gained experience in various industries including Textiles, Electric, construction and FMCG.

Salman aims to develop a platform which brings all expert tutors and students in one place. The TutoriNet website is introduced to share best learning techniques and knowledge in any subject of interest. The idea is to keep the process of approaching best academic people simple and focus on actual learning by both Tutor and Tutee.


Founder: Maliha Batool

Maliha is a qualified Graphic designer and a painting Artist living in West Midlands with her family. In a search of best tutor for her 2 sons she introduced idea of private tuition portal to make every student and their parents comfortable finding best tutor in local area. Maliha is looking after designing side of the website and helping students in their search for tutor.

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